Demystifying Headless — A Brand New Video Series

Alan Gleeson
2 min readFeb 22, 2024
Learn what a Headless CMS is and why the category has been growing so quickly.

Like any new technology it can be hard to get to grips with what it is, who it is for and what are the primary benefits?

The category of Headless CMS has been around a few years but it is not widely understood despite the high adoption rates (especially from Fortune 500 companies). In part, it suffers from poor marketing — for a start the name doesn’t lend itself well to understanding what it is and how it differs from other approaches to ‘managing websites’.

It also suffers from being a tech lead application. Senior devs are the main early adopters of Headless and thus the leading vendors target devs as the sole buyer persona. The websites of the main players are frightening places for non tech visitors with references to “Webhooks, Data Lakes, GraphQL and API integrations”.

At Contento we are striving to make the category of Headless accessible to all — especially non-technical people. Of course, it is a technical setup and will entail senior devs setting everything up, but crucially those responsible for ongoing management and maintenance often falls within the marketing function. Many of these are non techie.

We’ve thus focused hard on building an intuitive UI/UX — designed with the needs of non tech marketing users in mind.

We are also keen to help educate the wider stakeholder set — which can span from CEO, to CFO to CMO — afterall, websites straddle many functions and play an increasingly important role in most companies.

As part of the education journey we’ve been creating a lot of Headless content created by non tech writers. We’ve now added a dedicated YouTube channel to this. So if you are begining your Headless journey the following resources may be of interest.



Alan Gleeson

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